With every rental from PianoPiano comes the option to buy. But for those of you who want to buy from the get-go, we have you covered, too.

Rent, rent to own, or rent then buy? That’s the magic question. Here are a few details on each. If you have additional questions or need help weighing your options, just give us a call. Don’t forget, there is never pressure to buy. Our affordable prices and reliable services make it simple to rent for as long as you’d like.

Rent And Keep On Renting

Pick the piano and the plan you want. Once your contract is up you can: Keep Your Rental and continue your contract at the same monthly price. Or Exchange Your Rental for any other available piano. When you keep on renting, your piano is still backed by the best policies in the business, including tuning and maintenance from our trusted partners, guaranteed pricing, and unlimited exchanges.

Rent Then Buy

If, at any time during your rental period, you decide to buy, you can: Buy Your Piano at the price guaranteed in your rental contract, minus 12 months of fees you’ve already paid. Or a Different One that’s of equal or greater value of your current rental, minus 12 months of fees you’ve already paid. For either option, you can take the next 12 months to pay off your balance with 0% interest.

Rent To Own

If you decide buying is for you, just pick the piano you want and: Pay All At Once by check and receive a 3% discount. Or Split Your Payments Over 24 Months with 0% interest on your purchase.

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